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Time For Me TV is the creative outlet you've been waiting for! Use us to showcase your band, art, talent, vehicle, personal profile or portfolio. The possibilities are limited only by YOUR imagination!

More ideas for your consideration:

Selling your house?

Create a video tour of your home. Today's market is so saturated with houses that not even a realtor can guarantee your house will sell. A potential seller must have a product that can stand out from all the others. We offer the following suggestion:

Make a video of your home with a walk-thru of the entire property. Extol on its virtues as well as possibilities. Discuss any upgrades made to the property and offer details such as construction date, square footage, lot number and total property size. Point out details unseen on the video such as sprinkler system, new paint and any other extras.

You can show your video on the HGTV network during "House Hunters" or on any other network on which you would like to place it. Turn your ad into a one minute infomercial right in the middle of daily television programming.

Marriage Proposal

Let's say you want to propose marriage to that "important lady" in your life but you're wondering how to make it special. You have an idea so you make a video and send it to us. Here are the results:

You and your special lady are sitting at home some evening watching television. You are enjoying a favorite show and usually make small talk during the commercials. But on this night she stares in wonder at what has suddenly appeared on TV during the commercial break. It's YOU... on one knee holding a ring box and telling her how important she is to the person you have become because of her. You request her hand in marriage. Then her smiling parents split the screen and voice their approval.

The video ends. She is speechless as you now hand her that same ring box and await her response. Not only has she been surprised by your sudden debut on mainstream television, she's also been confronted with an incredible act of true love. What do you think her answer will be? Oh, and then film her "LIVE reply and make that a second commercial. Even add an interview with the happy parents. How good would it feel to pull that off? And, since this offer has never before been available to the general public...who will be the first?

Sports Rivalry

Big game coming up with a rival city, college or high school? Do some good-old-fashioned trash taunting in the other teams venue. Videotape yourself and some friends dissing the other team and speak right into the camera so your face fills the screen of their televisions. Create a media frenzy! What better way to support your team than with your creativity.

Your Television Debut

Chances are pretty good that your local nightclub, bar, sports bar or overall hotspot has at least one Television. Send us your video and request it be played on a network you know that hotspot will be watching. Maybe it's The Voice or a sports event or any other show that has the audience riveted. Suddenly YOU blaze across the screen and say hello to everyone at that hotspot. YOU are on mainstream television. And the best part... YOU get to witness your very own television debut with everyone else in the room.

Show Off Your Ride

Got a nice car or truck? Display it for all to see or even sell it on the FS1 network during NASCAR or while a "Barrett Jackson" auto auction is underway. Who knows, you may get more exposure than some of the high-dollar vehicles.

Cartoon Idea or Animation Addict

What better exposure to show off your talent than placing it on TV? Here is the scenario as we see it:

Videotape a one minute cartoon and show it at 7PM (primetime) during the commercial break of a popular TV show. At the end of the cartoon, mention- "More segments to come on this station, in this timeslot." Then, show the same cartoon on other stations, during non primetime hours to save money.

During these "rerun" showings on other stations, advertise the upcoming new segment of your cartoon. It will be scheduled to show at 7PM during that same popular show as the original showing. Provide a new cartoon each week and soon you will have created your very own animated series showing during the commercial break in a primetime slot. If it becomes popular enough, it may get picked up by a network and then you will stop paying to have your work seen. Instead YOU WILL BE PAID!

Now, we can't guarantee this will happen for everyone who has a cartoon or series idea, but it's a definite possibility! It can happen to anyone! All you need is the right kind of exposure.

Show your commercial as often as you want! Add other commercials, anytime, of whatever you want people to see. This is your "ME" time. That's why we're called TIME for "Me" TV!!


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